• Affiliation with the Industrial Free Zones of the Dominican Republic guarantees access to a trained workforce to fit any production;
  • Workforce numbers can be scaled quickly to meet the demands of volume increases;
  • The Free Zones operate continuous programs of recruiting and training;
  • PC Precision Engineering provides extensive cross-training to its current employees to increase manufacturing flexibility;
  • Union Free Environment;
  • Low cost-competitive salaries comparable with other zones & countries in the region;
  • Simple and Efficient Overseas Management due to our excellent communications system;
  • Highly specialized and skilled personnel;
  • 1 Week Recruitment & Selection
    Free Zone Databases – 2,000+ candidates
    Free Zone Recruitment Services – aptitude/dexterity
  • Company Introduction and Training: On the Job Training, ASOBAL training program, Training set up according to the specific job;
  • Internal training by  certified trainer on J-Standard 001;
  • Low Absenteeism & Turnover;