PCBA Assembly Division (PCBA) – PC Precision Engineering, Santo Domingo

  • Three Surface Mount Technology (SMT) lines with automated Pick & Place and Speedline reflow ovens;  one line dedicated to Lead Free
  •  Hybrid PCB production line
  •  Soldering, welding, cut, strip & crimp stations
  •  X-Ray inspection machine
  • Checksum & Genrad 228X test stations


   Machining Division (MD) - PC Precision Engineering, Santiago

  • 14 lathes with revolving turrets, semi automatic chuckers, 2 mini lathes
  • 13 vertical mills, 3 equipped with multi axis computer controlled stepper motors,  2 equipped with electronic read out
  • 2 horizontal axis grinding machines, 1 tool grinder
  • drilling benches
  • 1 horizontal honing machine
  • 4 dual axis semi-automated mini lathe and milling machines
  • Sandblasting
  • Heat treatment ovens
  • CNC Lathe Nakamura-Tome turning center
  • CNC Okuma Vertical Machine Center
  • Bridgeport CNC mill


Technical Manufacturing Division (TMD) - PC Precision Engineering, Santiago

  • Dedicated RoHS compliant lines and equipment
  • Hand soldering
  • Terminal crimping machines and applicators
  • Computerized wire cutting/stripping machines
  • Automatic test (“Bed of Nails”) and Burn-in equipment
  • Injection and transfer molding machines, curing ovens
  • Transformer and coil winding machines
  • Programmable multi-die stamping press, sheers and sheet bending benches
  • Third party calibrated verification equipment as required
  • Environmental areas built and equiped to your specification