PC Precision Engineering manufacturing new product.

Santiago, march 2013: After close cooperation to improve manufacturability, KeiperTech headquartered in Etters Pennsylvania, has awarded PC Precision Engineering with the manufacturing of their latest design of hydrogen-oxygen injection systems for Diesel Engines. The contract includes the manufacturing of the KT-12v and KT-24v units. Production will be set up in our Technical Manufacturing Division in Santiago.
This product works on diesel engines for vehicles, stand-alone generators, ships and boats. Installation of these add-on units increases the fuel burning efficiency, continuously cleans the engine by burning any carbon deposits, reduces carbon emissions by 25-50%, and lowers fuel consumption by 10-25%.
Engine sizes can range from 1 to 32 liters of displacement. Units are available for 12 volt and 24 volt systems.
PCPE is pleased to be part of bringing to market a product that is both money saving for the user, and beneficial for the environment.


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