Why the DR?

There are several things to consider when evaluating an off shore manufacturing resource. Ease of travel should be a high consideration, as well as the quality of life you or your employees will have to endeavor. But of course the ability to deliver high quality products on time is at the top of the list.

The Dominican Republic is a USA friendly country with great weather, and many top rated tourist resorts. Geographically it is in the Atlantic time zone, and located near major shipping lanes going to both North and South America as well as Europe. There is an abundance of highly qualified workers and companies located in free zones which ease the movement of materials. (All of the PC Precision Engineering facilities are located in industrial free zones)

The Dominican Republic has favorable trade agreements with Europe, USA, Canada and several Central and South American countries, giving you the ability to import the components you need from all over the world, and then distribute your products from one location.

Excellent telecommunications keeps you in touch with PC Precision Engineering. A well organized business community supports the supply chain to get your product made.

And of course there is always the incredible country itself. Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the Dominican Republic. Excellent five star resorts have been developed throughout the country. Two of the top golf courses in all the Caribbean, are in the Dominican Republic.